20 is Plenty - Speed Reduction in Ulley Road, The Street, Nettlefield and surrounding roads. 


Following local concerns, Kennington Community Council has been working with Kent County Council to develop a 20mph scheme to resolve speeding issues and rat running in Ulley Road, The Street, Nettlefield and surrounding roads. We would like to share the proposed scheme with you, and we want to hear your views. The proposal is for a 20mph speed limit to include streets between Faversham Road and Canterbury Road (from Penlee Point to Ulley Road, Ball Lane and The Street), excluding Canterbury Road and Faversham Road. 
Specifically, this would include: 
. A 20mph zone for all streets in this area 
. 20mph signs at all entry points 
. A Traffic Regulation Order to make this enforceable 

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The area covered by the proposed 20mph zone is quite large, as there are many roads which it makes sense to include. By covering this whole area, speed limit signs are 
kept to a minimum.  
The streets covered by the proposed zone are marked inred on this map. Within the proposed zone:  
There are two primary schools, Downs View Infant School and Kennington CE Academy School. Many pupils walk to these schools. Limiting traffic speeds would reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accident, and encourage more children to walk to school. 
There are many routes to and through the area used during school runs.  
The scheme would improve safety of children and parents navigating the school runs. Recreation facilities at Spearpoint Recreation Ground ("The Ridge"), the Recreation Ground in Ulley Road, and hockey and football pitches in Ball Lane can generate substantial road and pedestrian traffic. A 20mph scheme would improve safety for road and pedestrian users travelling to and from these venues. 
Nettlefield and The Ridge are often used as a fast cut- through between Faversham Road and Canterbury Road. A 20mph scheme would make this less attractive 
to drivers. 
Kent County Council have carried out speed surveys to make sure these roads are suitable for inclusion in the scheme. 
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