Action to tackle odours from Ashford Wastewater Treatment Works operated by Southern Water Services 
Following pressure from the Community Council in support of residents’ complaints, Ashford Borough Council has taken action to enforce improvements in the treatment works. Below is an extract from the ABC notification made in April 2021. 
The individual measures listed below form a summary of the steps being taken and delivery timescales, with the measures being implemented sooner wherever possible. Some of the descriptions do not necessarily give a scale of each action, or the technical complexities involved in the delivery of the project, and there may need to be some adjustment to the plans as some of the items progress though the technical design and implementation phases. 
Delivery by August 2021 
• Automated storm tank cleansing system to be installed into 9 no. storm tanks. 
• Completion of cake storage trials; 
o Min. 1 month trial of relocated limed cake storage from cake bay 10 to cake bays at bottom of site considered less likely to impact on the Little Burton Estate. Odour suppression at amended storage location to be assessed as part of trial. 
o Potential Min. 2 month trial of non-limed cake, and storage at site bottom for maturation. This will require assessment in meeting necessary standards for treated cake and potential repairs to unused cake bays. 
Note: Residents should continue to report odour incidents during any trials. 
• Installation of a temporary odour control solution at cess reception wet well – feasibility permitting. 
Due by December 2021 
• Report on the outcome of cake trials, and assessment of alternatives. Report to provide decision on way forward and delivery dates for such options, which may include dedicated cake bins, buildings, silos, and the improved sludge processes and optimised retention. 
Delivery by March 2022 
• Repair of damaged cover on 1 no. sludge reception tank. 
• Covering of 2 no. sludge reception tanks . 
• Integration of the 3 no. sludge reception tanks into a dedicated or main site odour control unit (OCU). 
• Connection of sludge tanker venting to a dedicated/site OCU. 
• Increase capacity of main site OCU. 
• Assessment and review of OCU performance in terms of odour removal functionality – to be based on odour constituent analysis and functionality increased where required. 
• Review and amendment of OCU extraction rates for dryer building fugitive emissions, coupled with compliance with odour management plan requirements (doors closed etc.). 
• Damage/collapsed cold liquors tank cover to be repaired/replaced. 
Delivery by May 22 
• Already covered and carbon filtered cess reception wet well to be extracted to dedicated OCU. 
• Tanker venting at cess reception wet well to be connected to dedicated OCU as above. 
Delivery by August 2022 
• Post-digestion storage tank venting to be connected to the combined heat and power system or OCU – a deadline also imposed as an Industrial Emissions Directive requirement 
Officers from the Environment Agency and [ABC] will be seeking to meet with Southern Water during the project delivery in order to keep abreast of progress and to discuss any technical issues as they arise. Further we have requested that Southern Water Services take steps to communicate the details and extent of the project to local residents directly to keep them updated.” 
Cllr Paul Bartlett carried out a site visit on 17 August 2021 to view progress on delivering the odour management plan agreed with ABC to reduce smells in Kennington. He noted that this programme is in addition to improvement plans expected following the investment in Southern Water Services by Macquarie Asset Management’s investors as long-term shareholders. 
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