Can you get involved in the King’s Orchard planting scheme? 
Kennington Community Council is preparing to bid to get 16 fruit trees to be planted across two sites (8 per site) and needs your help. It has identified three potential sites in Kennington on which to plant these mini-orchards and now wants to assess the level of support for each site from residents. 
Site 1: Rectory Way Play - Green space, near Play park 
site 2: Bybrook flats - Green space surrounding them 
Site 3: Rylands Road - Green space, near Play area 
Click on this link below to the Kennington Community Council Facebook page to share your views: 
Trees will be planted in December/January and are likely to need weekly watering from late spring through summer in 2025. Can you help with the planting? 
Can you join a rota for the watering? If so, please drop an email to to give your name. If your offer relates to only one of the sites, please indicate which one. 
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