TThe 20 m.p.h. limit in Bybrook Road and surrounding areas is now in force. Although the Community Council promoted the adoption of this Traffic Regulation Order, enforcement it is a police responsibility, as with all speed limits on public roads. 
The local Community Speedwatch group also monitors vehicle speeds in Kennington and reports repeat offenders to the Police. You can join Speedwatch and help to keep your neighbourhood safe by contacting the Clerk to the Council or by following this link and registering and opting to join the existing group in Kennington after some online training - 
Many residents have expressed concerns about potholes and other problems with road surfaces. Please report all significant potholes to Kent County Council and be sure to emphasise where these are in a dangerous position. 
The County Council has scheduled repairs to the concrete road in Bybrook Road itself in the financial year 2023/24, which starts in April. 
The Community Council regularly updates its Highways Improvement Plan and is always open to suggestions for projects to include in it." 
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