Boot brushes are back at the Spearpoint Pavilion 
Football players and dog walkers can now clean the mud and grass off their footwear at the Spearpoint Pavilion, following a decision by Kennington Community Council. Although the frames were in place, the old brushes had worn out and been removed. ABC was prepared to install new frames and brushes but the timing of this was uncertain, given the substantial cost and labour involved. The Community Council has responded to dog walker’s pleas for the return of the brushes and stepped in to order immediate, and far less costly, replacements from the original equipment supplier. 
Martyn Reynolds, the Stour Centre, Active Communities & Dry Side Bookings Manager said 'We'd like to thank Kennington Community Council for their continued support and working in partnership with Freedom Leisure, their recent purchase of new boot brushes, meant Alex from our maintenance team, has installed the new brushes at Spearpoint, ensuring that the facilities suit the needs of all members of the local community that use the site.' 
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