Community Council introduces support scheme to attract new sports and social activities starting up in Kennington 
The December meeting of Kennington Community Council approved a new financial support scheme for new sports and social activities being established in and around Kennington and available to Kennington residents. Called the First Hire Scheme, it will allow new clubs or societies opening up in Kennington to get the first 4 venue hires – premises, pitches or other spaces necessary to run the club – paid for by the Council, provided that they meet certain minimal conditions. 
Organisations will need to get prior approval for funding before making a booking in the usual way and the Council will then make payment direct to the venue once it receives an invoice. 
Explaining why he proposed the scheme to the Council, Cllr Alan Cooper said: “A survey of residents highlighted that social isolation is an issue of concern to all age groups across Kennington, while a survey of facilities available for community bookings showed that many of these were under-utilised. New groups bringing activities to Kennington take a financial risk and may take time to build membership until they are viable. This scheme should reduce the risk and make this a more attractive area for them.” Cllr Cooper also said that he is researching options for more direct action in 2023 to promote Kennington as a place to establish clubs and societies. 
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